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Public flights

Aeronaut Original: We welcome you to take a look at the Jyväskylä area from a bird’s-eye view on the Aeronaut public flights.
The flights are generally done on a large, 28 m tall, 10 passenger capacity hot air balloon OH-OLO or the 5 person OH-FIN or OH-IOO.

The passengers on the Aeronaut Original Flights are taken from customers on the reservation list.

The price point of Aeronaut Original Group Flights in the Jyväskylä area are 290 €/passenger. If You order 3 or more tickets price is 280€/passenger.
Price for children 7-14 year is 240€/passenger.

You can also make a reservation by calling us at +358 440 243 518

Order the Aeronaut Public Flight online here >>

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Private flights

We also accommodate for private persons and groups. In those cases your choice of flight is Aeronaut Privat, which will fly 1-15 people of your choice. Prices starting at 1800€ per flight depending on the amount of clients.

The Privat Flights are available at a time and place of your choosing. In the case that your area of living isn’t on our list, make an offer and we’ll love to do it.

You should reserve at least 4 hours for the flight.

You can also make a reservation by calling us at +358 440 243 518

Order the Aeronaut Privat Flight.

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Gift Card

Do You prefer gift card?
The gift cards are available directly from our offices. 
Also available with a limited delivery in the Jyväskylä area when agreed on in advance. 
Available through e-mail as a digital version, to be printed for the gift-card receiver.

A hot air balloon flight – The Experience of a Lifetime

Pallo iltataivaalla

What would it be like to see the world from a bird’s eye view? Can you fly without wings? The answer is yes – On a hot air balloon!

Aeronaut is the second oldest hot air ballooning company in Finland. We have offered our customers high-quality and memorable flight experiences for over 30 years. We offer both company and private personnel flights all over Central Finland on order. We service groups of 1-15. Our areas of operation include the Jyväskylä area, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Pieksamäki, Seinäjoki and varkaus. We can also fly in the other areas of Finland if ordered.

Come join us in a memorable flight, carried by a gentle breeze in the skies of our beautiful country. Buy yourself a flight, bring a friend along, and enjoy the grandiose Jyväskylä scenery from a bird’s-eye view.

Also remember what a great idea for a gift our flights are.

For participation you receive a diploma, and the traditional after-flight drinks. The flights primarily happen a few hours beofre dusk or early at dawn. We fly during all seasons. During the winter our balloons can often fly during the day as well.

A hot air balloon takes groups and private personnel to the skies

Kuumailmapallo vieFly yourself or let your friend go through an unforgettable experience – a balloon flight over the Jyväskylä lakes. We can also fly in the other areas on Finland if required. The hot air balloon will fly you to an experience of a lifetime from a bird’s-eye view. The location of the flight can be of your choice, as long as it fits the safety criteria. The pilot has the final say.





Aeronaut on Youtube

A video from the Veteran’s flight from 2015.


The weather and flights

When planning your flight please consider the effects of weather on the flight. For safety- and quality control reasons we keep a rain check on our flights. Rain and hard winds (forecasted >10 knots, est. 5 m/s) can force the flight to be rescheduled.

On the day of the flight you can check the weather from the Finnish Meteorological Institutes website.

Ask more about the flights and ask for an offer, and we shall design you and your group an unforgettable flight experience!

OLO ja pilvitausta